Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BP1_Google Reader

Here are the five sites that I am subscribed to in google reader. These sites are amazing resources for me in my current position and will also be helpful to me in my AR project.

Always Learning- Kim Cofino
An educational technology specialist this blog has many valuable resources.

Mouseflip- Mark Heil
Technology integration and teaching technology. This blog provides amazing resources for all things tech and for specific programs giving me inspiration to do more.

TheThinkingstick- Jeff Utecht
Jeff is an educational technologist in Bangkok and a public speaker who encourages people to use technology in their classes. He has a lot of practical advice for teachers and leaders.

BeLiterate- Darren Price
Darren is another leader in international tech integration. He oversees many programs that are on a large scale for technology in education including a 1:1 program in two different international schools.

Free Technology for Teachers
This website puts out more resources for using technology than any other website out there, with pretty good reviews on each product or tool.

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