Thursday, September 30, 2010

BP3_Diigo Group

My AR Diigo group

Diigo is an amazing tool that I have been using for a couple of years now and I am not sure how I could function on the Internet without it. Social bookmarking helps me become so much more organized and it allows for me to never lose websites or content that I came across by happen chance or on purpose. I have already been using Diigo for my AR project, now I will just add them to a group instead of just tagging them to my library. I have used Diigo in a couple of different ways for teaching and for setting up students with their personal libraries for the future. For other teachers, I try to get them to follow my diigo account so that they can see what I am bookmarking. By following my diigo, they can search through my library by keywords that are tagged, like math, science, kindergarten, sports.... and everything that I have bookmarked with those tags will pop up and be available for them to take and use. This is one of my favorite parts of diigo, is that it makes sharing so easy for other teachers to get ideas and resources from. Without creating a website with a list of resources and pages of text and links, teachers can search for exactly what they want by typing in keywords to my tag line. I try my best to tag everything with a whole bunch of different tags that people might think of when they would want that type of resource. Diigo is awesome!

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