Sunday, October 3, 2010


TitanPad is an online real time collaborator that can be used for many different things in the classrooms. TitanPad is the new version of what was EtherPad which was bought by google and shut down. TitanPad allows you to create a page where you can invite others by giving them a link. Once your collaborators have this link they are able to edit the page together with you in real time. The difference between TitanPad and Google Docs is very little, except for that you do not have to have a google account or set up any account of any type with TitanPad. This allows students to get together on a TitanPad and work together to come up with a story board, a plan for a project, to edit in real time a fellow student’s paper, to create a proposal for a group project, and all of this they can do from their homes and not have to try and schedule a time to meet outside of school. This is very important for students at my school who most of them don’t live any where near each other. They just need to have one person send the link to the rest of the people in the group and then they can edit the TitanPad together or separately on the same document. The last nice thing about TitanPad is that it allows you to download the document that you just created to a word or PDF file when you are done in order to submit it. TitanPad is awesome!

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