Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Creating a presentation where the students can input different forms of media and text in one spot is exactly what Animoto can do. So often students are asked to create a presentation where they have to deliver information on a certain subject through some use of a visual tool. Most of the time power point or keynote is chosen because that is what teachers are used to and that is the easiest thing for students do. Animoto changes this because now students can create a visually catching presentation that does not bore the rest of the class to death. This presentation tool allows the students to take images or video either created by them or borrowed from the internet and easily input it into a presentation that combined with audio and text creates a great presentation that keeps the attention of the class and displays comprehension of the subject. One great thing about Animoto is that it is so easy to input the different types of media through dragging and dropping the media, but then Animoto automatically organizes and creates amazing transitions that eliminates the need for the students to have to take the time to edit the presentation, they just have to input the information. I have seen the students completely change their attitudes towards giving a presentation to the class because when you create an Animoto project it should eliminate the need for the students to stand up in front of the class and talk to present the information. The students may need to give a introduction or conclusion to the presentation but besides that Animoto has made it nice and easy and powerful to change presentations for good.


  1. Hey Scot, I am very much interested in Animoto (I believe Noelia is using this tool too). It would be a great tool to use for my students as it is the hardest thing to get any member of my class up front to do a presentation. Also, I have a new student who has mobility issues and this would work perfectly. I must check it out and see.