Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 1: Blog post three in response to Angela Alipour

Scot Byrd said...

This is great that you are talking about how good things can happen from more than one person creating from a single start. I just attended a session today from a lady who teaches a logo design course at a university in Taipei and she has her graduate students create a logo and then submit it to three different students. After the students receive this logo they tweak it and put their own spin on it and give it back to the original creator where the original creator can take the change/suggestions and comments that the peers made and then they have to create a final logo. At the end they all ended up with better logos and I thought it was interesting because different people can use things in different ways and if we have copyright laws restricting that, then it restricts creativity and ultimately could inhibit the creation of something pretty awesome.

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When push comes to shove the copy write laws are all about the money. Who can get the most money and how. What’s wrong with someone taking your work and creating something else out of it as long as they give you the credit for being the inspiration of their creation? Especially when they can make it better. If we can do this with text why not film and music? Don’t those people get paid enough? Actually I think that many of them get overpaid.
One of the people that spoke in the video said that an artist needs copy write laws as an incentive to create. Yeah, right! When someone is creating they are not thinking about copy write laws. They are creating.

With the Fair Use law it’s good to know that there is a law that can cover your behind if you need it too. Of course it has to meet the criteria of critical comment, teaching, parody, and news reporting. Even under these circumstances one needs to be careful.

I was happy to know that Creative Commons is available for creators. The saying two brains are better than one is what came to mind when I saw this video. Sharing a personal idea or creation with another person can sometimes cause the other person to elaborate on that idea and the final result can be sAs I’ve been watching more and more videos about this I find that the music industry seems to have a real issue about copy writing. Wish I would have known about Creative Commons during the FSO music class.

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