Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 1 Blog post 2: Peer comment

It sounds like you got in trouble or something for the video using "Eye of the Tiger"? It sounds like you are just fine here if it was for educational purposes and if you acknowledged the author of the music. I am not totally sure on this but it might also be that you can only use up to 30 seconds of a music clip and any more than that is in violation of copyright, not totally sure on that but you might want to check it out.

Jeremy Magers original post:
What is a copyright law? The free dictionary states “A copyright is a legal device that gives the creator of a literary, artistic, musical, or other creative work the sole right to publish and sell that work. Copyright owners have the right to control the reproduction of their work, including the right to receive payment for that reproduction. An author may grant or sell those rights to others, including publishers or recording companies. Violation of a copyright is called infringement. Copyright protects the expression of an idea. The basic concept behind copyright is originality, so that a copyright represents something that has originated from a particular author and not from another.”
By looking at the definition of what a copyright law means and states what can you get from this?
To me I think that copyright means using someone else’s work as your own is illegal. I can use their work for personal use only if I sight it and it is recovered legally. Take for instance, if I use a song like “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. I use this song as a background music to a person video that I created with my class. The song was purchased legally from ITunes and was cited. How is that illegal. I am keeping the authors expression and not selling the piece. I gave credit to the author and also paid for the song. The use of the song is for personal use or school use. There is no violation of copying the song. The video is my personal production using a cited and authentic song that was paid for and clearly stated was not of my own work. This was a question I have always wondered. 
The idea of copyright laws are great to implement to save peoples original work. I totally agree with them. Recreating someones work without permission is wrong. However, when using someones work for personal reasons or school it should be “ok” to site who did it and have proof of legitimate purchase

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