Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 4 Think Aloud 1

Testing the waters.

As I have been trying to come up with how I want to present my AR project I feel like I would like to do a presentation. Even though submitting a paper is a great thing, I think that I can best describe my project through a presentation and with the hopes of actually presenting it I would like to create it first instead of creating it from a paper. I am going to use google presentation to put it together that way I can hopefully get some good feedback from others as I share it around and I will also be able to possibly have others edit it if they feel the need to.

I have been looking to present at the ISTE conference, but I think it might be to late for the upcoming one this summer so possibly the one next summer. I also just recently attended an AACE conference and I would like to present at one of those as well.

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