Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week 4 Wimba

I was not able to attend any of the wimba sessions during this month and being over seas doesn't help the collaboration of same time discussions. Because I was not able to make the wimba session I shared my AR presentation with my critical friends and below are their comments on my presentation that I received via email from them.

Blair Mccullough:
Scot the presentation looks pretty good! I think you should add another visual from the survey to the results page, maybe something that shows a different category than the one that you already posted. Also, you need my picture as large as you can put it, maybe as it's own slide, just a suggestion, J/K. 
I like how you summed up the Lit Review page and made it flow with the rest of the presentation. I think that this would work for about a 20 min. presentation that would spark some great questions, good job!

Kristen Byrd:
Great Job! and I think that it looks great too! I like the theme and the visuals that you have with the slides with almost no text. However you might want to get each slide on board with your yellow colored font so that they all look the same. Sounds like a great topic for teachers and administration!

Mark Heil:
Scot, I'm ready for you to present this at the next all staff meeting on Tuesday and see what our heads think. I think that you have some good stuff here and the concept is really good for us to try and put into practice here at the school. I also think that you are actually going to want to wait to present till after maybe one semester of us high school teachers having the one to one and then we could put together something to see their success or comfort level as they actually teach in the program, looking forward to what happens and what you come up with, hope this helps.

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